Alkemors Tower Slot Review

Alkemor's Tower is a 3D videoslot from Betsoft geared towards the Fantasy/Magical realm.

As far as this slot is concerned, it has some features that make the game play quite good (well, at least to me). Even though the bonus play is really a single bonus - it takes 4 different forms:

Water Elemental Spell - This bonus round starts off with water washing over the reels in a big wave. But the fun to this specific bonus is that the 'Spell Book' symbol will become wild on every reel except the first one. When the 'Spell Book' shows up on the first reel (yes, it can show up there) - it becomes a random symbol. It actually makes this bonus game pretty fun to play.

Earth Elemental Spell - This bonus round starts off with reels shaking and meteors falling. Again - the 'Spell Book' is wild on the last 4 reels. All the symbols are destroyed in the meteor shower and new symbols replaced with (hopefully) a bunch of spell book symbols.

Air Elemental Spell - This bonus round starts off [predictably] with a tornado. Again - the 'Spell Book' is wild on the last 4 reels. Similar to the Water spell, the symbols will fly off the reels and be replaced. The spell book on the 1st reel will be replaced with a random one and all wins calculated.

Fire Elemental Spell - This bonus round starts off with reels being set afire. This is simliar to Air and Water bonus round except that EXTRA WILDS are added to the reels (in an equivalent amount as the spell books that triggered the bonus originally). This is really the best bonus of the bunch.

Now - let's talk about the Free Spins because I do enjoy free spins much more than any bonus game... only because I tend to win more there. I haven't found a bonus game yet that reaches the win-ability of free spins. So - let's take a look at the 2 free spins games: Free Spins Floor - The Nature Floor - As with both free spins rounds, you can win 10, 12, 0r 15 free spins. Nothing magical about that! A new set of symbols does come into play here (a bit lower value than the main symbols). But - you also get an elemental symbol that is a bit unique. On Reel 3, a Vine symbol will eat any adjacent symbol providing rewards for each symbol it eats. It gives you a little more in the way of wins, but not at the level a wild might produce.

Free Spins Floor - The Celestial Floor - A new set of symbols comes into play here. Looks different from the Nature Floor, but in reality, it is the same (same values anyway, so who cares what they look like). The elemental symbol is a black hole and can be on reel 2 or 4 devouring its neighbors and like the other free spins round leaves you with some wins. Even though it is appearing on 2 or 4, the bonus is really the same. It will never appear on both reels... so, effectively, it is identical to the Vine symbol.

My simple summary of the slot itself.... it IS a lot of fun to play. The bonuses are somewhat annoying since they are largely the same. HOWEVER - I did find myself wanting to get all of them... so I guess they did a good enough job creating the slot that I was intrigued to get to each bonus and each free spins round.

This is yet another bring your bankroll game. Largely because you will find yourself wanting to hit every bonus and free spins. But after those are done... because you want to keep getting free spins :)

Good luck and play safe!!

Alkemors Tower Slot Machine Features

Elemental Spells Bonus
The elemental spells bonus is triggered by any of the elemental symbols above on Reel 3 WHEN you have the Spell Book symbol on either 1&2 or 4&5. When it is on 4&5, you will get a much stronger 'spell' (better bonus). Each spell/bonus has it's own unique features and makes the game much more fun waiting for each type.

Free Spins Floors
The free spins have 2 'floors'. The Celestial Floor and the Nature Floor. Both can give you 10, 12, or 15 free spins. Also - there is a wild symbol that will eat at the adjascent symbols to give you even more wins. It is on reel 3 for the nature floor and 2&4 on the celestial floor. This can be a massive win, but the symbols do change and are of a bit lower value than the main reels.

Alkemors Tower Slot Machine Details

Reels: 5

Paylines: 243

Minimum Bet: 0

Maximum Bet: 0

Minimum Coins: 0

Maximum Coins: 0

Maximum Payout (non-jackpot): 1750 coins

Bonus Game: Yes(1)

Free Spins: Yes(1)

Wild Symbols: No

Slot Variance: medium

Gamble Game: Yes

Slot Category: Video Slot Online Slot 3D Slot HD Slot

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