Good Girl Bad Girl Slot Review

Good Girl Bad Girl is simply one of the best slot machines that has come out in years (IMO). You have to read below to understand why I say this :)

The slot is themed basically exactly how the name states :) You have an angel on one side and a devil on the other. The concept is that you can pick the Angel and get a rather low variance game (you can play longer with your money). If you pick the Devil you get a high variance game... the game is more fun that way, IMO, but you get fewer small wins and the big wins make it worthwhile. NOW - if you don't like to do just one - you can pick both, but it WILL double your betsize!!!

Choose Variance - I don't know if there is another slot game that allows you to choose your variance, but I absolutely LOVE the fact that you can do this on this slot and in such a cool way.

Money Wheel Bonus - The money wheel is awesome, but you always have to remember to check the 'Good Girl' and 'Bad Girl' progressive jackpots before choosing (if playing in 'both' mode)! The wheel offers out that progressive jackpot, so you don't want to pick the lower amount. You also have the ability to win cash or free spins. Very cool.

Click Me Bonus - I'm not a real big fan of pickem bonuses, but this does add a nice little win ability mid-game. Get the 2 symbols side-by-side (angel halo & pitchfork) and you can click one or the other to get to your pickem game. Pick the angel/halo and you will get 4 white boxes, pick the devil/pitchfork and you will get 4 red boxes. In both sets of boxes you have small, medium, large, and collect. You keep picking until you collect. Wilds - The wilds are unique in the slot machine because they can be anywhere from 1x to 4x your winnings! The angel wilds are on reels 1, 2, and 3 and can be 1x or 2x. The devil wilds are on reels 3, 4, and 5 and can be 1x - 4x.

Double Up Bonus - you can gamble your winnings at any time (gamble game). Click the DoubleUp and the angels shoot up into the sky to do a coin flip. Pick the right result and you double your winnings.

Summary Awesome? Should that be my only summary??? Well, it kinda is. I loved this slot from the moment I played it, but have continued to spin those reels a lot. I love 'Both' mode, but when I don't play that mode, I pick 'Bad Girl'. Mainly because I prefer higher variance. I like the higher payouts too :) But - of course with any high variance game you have to bring your bank roll and manage it well.

Good Girl Bad Girl Slot Machine Features

Click Me Bonus
When the 2 symbols show next to each other on the reels, you can pick one to get your bonus

Money Wheel
When 3 wheel symbols show on the reels you get to pick either the Good Girl or the Bad Girl. You will then spin the wheel for your bonus. REMEMBER: The money at the top of the reels for each girl is the progressive jackpot you could win if the wheel spins your way. It is important to pick the right one!!!!

Good Girl Bad Girl Slot Machine Details

Reels: 5

Paylines: 30

Minimum Bet: 0.02

Maximum Bet: 75.00

Minimum Coins: 1

Maximum Coins: 5

Maximum Payout (non-jackpot): 5000 coins

Bonus Game: Yes(2)

Free Spins: No

Wild Symbols: No

Slot Variance: high

Gamble Game: Yes

Slot Category: Video Slot Online Slot Mobile Slot 3D Slot HD Slot

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