Rainbow Riches Slot Review

The Rainbow Riches brand is a Barcrest original and has been a very popular land-based slot group since 2006. The main feature of this game is the multiple bonuses that offer Wins Multipliers. There must be a group of slot players that absolutely LOVE this feature (I am not one of them) :)

This is a 5 reel and 20 payline slot machine with 3 bonuses and a wild. The Rainbow Riches symbol is a huge blocker and causes this game to be a very high risk (High Variance) slot machine. The bonus games are high reward, but very infrequently.

The Pot of Gold Bonus is a 'Win a Multiplier' bonus game (all of them are). That means you will win a multiplier which will multiply your stake against the multilier for a nice win. With this one - Gold, Silver, and Bronze pots float around the leprechaun. When the arrow lands on a pot, you get to see your multiplier and the wins generated from it.

The Wishing Well Bonus is very boring. When 3-5 wishing wells turn up on the reels you can pick from them. The pick reveals your mutliplier (yawn).

The Road to Riches Bonus is the best of the 3 and comes more frequently as well. It is, again, a 'Win a multiplier' bonus game, but you can at least see your trail to riches on this one with a max win of 200x your stake.

Summary - This game plays as a very high risk game. The symbols block you out pretty well as there are 3 scatters and rows of 'Rainbow Riches' symbols to mess up your payline wins. The multiplier bonus games CAN award up to 500x your stake. This can be a very nice win and are NECESSARY to keep playing this game for long periods of time. I can't stress enough to bring your bankroll. It is a fun slot, but you sometimes ache for wins.

Rainbow Riches Slot Machine Features

Road To Riches Bonus
The Road to Riches bonus is a fun bonus only because you have the chance at a huge multiplier. The leprechaun will spin the multiplier wheel continuously until it settles on Collect. During this time your multiplier will increase. The multiplier is used to multiply the win from your bonus reel spin.

Wishing Well Bonus
The Wishing Well Bonus is a pickem bonus with an attached multiplier. Not much fun, really. You pick a wishing well from the 3-5 on the reels and see what multiplier is behind. The multiplier will multiply your current reel win.

Pot of Gold Bonus
The Pot of Gold Bonus is yet another 'win a multiplier' bonus. The Gold, Silver, and Bronze pots circle the Leprechaun and the arrow will stop on one of the pots to reveal your multiplier. This will multiply the winnings from your current spin.

Rainbow Riches Slot Machine Details

Reels: 5

Paylines: 20

Minimum Bet: 0.01

Maximum Bet: 400.00

Minimum Coins: 1

Maximum Coins: 1

Maximum Payout (non-jackpot): 500 coins

Bonus Game: Yes(3)

Free Spins: No

Wild Symbols: No

Slot Variance: high

Gamble Game: No

Slot Category: Video Slot Land-Based Slot Online Slot Mobile Slot

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