South Park ™ Slot Review

South Park ™ Video Slot is a cartoon-themed slot, 5 reels and 25 paylines, with a ton of features (one for each character in fact). South Park ™ has long been a hilarious adult cartoon with huge popularity. It stands to reason that this popularity would move to Casino gaming. :)

Variance - South Park ™ is a high risk slot and, as such, you need a good bankroll to hit the jackpot. There can be some long stretches with minor wins, but you can always hit that elusive big win if you play long enough (and have the bankroll to sustain the play).


Kyle Bonus Spins start off with 10 free spins, but the beauty of these free spins is the Ike Wild symbol that comes on reel 5. When Ike is on reel 5, Kyle will 'kick the baby' until Ike lands on one of the prizes. The prizes include: 50 coins, 500 coins, 10x wins multiplier, and 3 free spins. A great addition to the free spins game.

Stan Bonus Spins is unique in that there is no set limit of free spins. There is a 'sticky wild' that will stay on the reels for 2 spins. What you hope for is another sticky wild to come on the screen for 2 more spins. The funny part (dumb boy humor) is when Stan pukes on Wendy when the Sticky wild is created :)

Kenny Bonus Game is also unique and VERY South Park ™ themed. During this bonus you try to get Kenny through the 3 zones before he dies (he has 3 lives). Remember all the episodes where Kenny dies? :) The 3 zones are the win zone (can win coins), the Multiplier zone (you multiply your bonus winnings), and the Danger Zone (self-explanatory, contains traps). Good luck keeping Kenny alive.

Cartman Bonus Game isn't quite as imaginative as I would have liked. It is a pickem game where you will pick bushes looking for hippies (which Cartman hates). 2 Police officers (picking a police officer 2 times from the bushes) will end the game. The nice thing about this game is that you will get coins and multipliers to determine your win. But... it's still a pickem :(

Summary - The South Park ™ Slot is fairly unique in it's bonus rounds, free spins, and (in general) fun. I think it is going to be wildly successful due to both the theme of the slot and the high risk nature of the game. It's definitely worth a try.

South Park ™ Slot Machine Features

Kenny Bonus
Your goal in thie bonus is to keep Kenny Alive. Kenny will have 3 lives to start and you have to keep him away from the traps to win. You can win up to 2500 coins in this bonus game, which is a massive win even on a small bet.

Kyle Bonus Spins
You will get 10 free spins, but can win more during the game. When Ike the baby (wild) is on the reels, Kyle will kick him into the prize pool. You can win up to a 10x multiplier there.

Cartman Bonus
In this game you pick bushes to find the hippies. If you get the Police, he will give you a warning. 2 Police officers and game over. Get 2 hippies before the officer and you get double your winnings.

Stan Bonus Spins
The wilds during free spins are hilarious. You get to watch Stan puke on Wendy to create the sticky wild :) Sticky wild remains for 2 spins only but more sticky wilds can come at any time.

South Park ™ Slot Machine Details

Reels: 5

Paylines: 25

Minimum Bet: 0.25

Maximum Bet: 125.00

Minimum Coins: 1

Maximum Coins: 10

Maximum Payout (non-jackpot): 750 coins

Bonus Game: Yes(2)

Free Spins: Yes(2)

Wild Symbols: No

Slot Variance: medium-high

Gamble Game: No

Slot Category: Video Slot Online Slot

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