Avalon II Slot Machine Review

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    Avalon II - Sounds great, right? I mean - the original Avalon was pretty awesome at the time. Great payouts, but high-risk and high-reward

    What I love about this slot:

    * High Variance - This is always one of my key wins for a slot. Higher variance means high risk, but also means greater payouts. If you want that 'big win', this is important.

    * Expanding Wild - I do like the expanding wilds if they are done right. The 'Lady of the Lake' expanding wild is ONLY on reel 3, though, which somewhat bums me out... but it's still nice to have the expanding wild to increase wins.


    What bothers me about this slot:

    To put it bluntly... it's no Avalon I :) In fact, it is really mostly a clone of some of their newer slots like Immortal Romance and Thunderstruck II. I think they are mostly trying to take advantage of the huge popularity of Avalon during it's initial release. I think a great number of people played this game at first - but I don't think it will be a keeper for most.


    My Summary: I do like the slot... don't get me wrong. I played for hours. But It likely won't be in my favorites - it will be a play every once in awhile slot. I like the variance and some of the features. But I think too many of the features are really just random or pickem bonuses. That does the game no justice, IMO.

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