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    While this IS a review of the slot machine (Good Girl Bad Girl), it is also a bit of a rave review... so pardon while I drone on about a slot I actually love (for once)!

    What I love about this slot:

    * High Variance - This slot gives YOU the ability to determine the type of variance you want (low, medium, and high). I love high variance (high risk, high reward) slots. So - I pick high risk, but you have your choice!


    Choose the angel side (heart with halo) and you have a low variance slot. Choose the devil side (spade with horns) and you have a high variance slot. Choose the middle and you essentially double your bet, but have the best of both worlds (which *kinda* makes it more medium variance.

    * Wheel of Money - The wheel of money feature is pretty damn cool as well. First it is important to note that if you chose either the low or high variance above, you will be stuck to the Jackpot for that specific 'girl'. If you choose both, then at the start of the bonus round you will pick either the Good Girl or the Bad Girl. Probably is best to choose the one that will possibly give you the largest progressive jackpot if you win.

    bgbonus_start.jpg ggbonus_start.jpg

    With this bonus round you can win Free Spins as well as bonus money OR the progressive Jackpot. Quite a bit packed into this feature. And I LOVE wheels ever since the land-based 'Wheel of Fortune' progressive slot came out. In the pictures above I was playing on BetSoft's site, so the progressive win option isn't there.

    * Click Me Bonus - There is also another bonus round which I call the Click Me Bonus. Essentially you choose one of the 2 symbols (you get the option when they are side-by-side on the reels. You can click either the 'Good Girl' or the 'Bad Girl' again and then pick from 4 boxes of presents to determine your win prior to collecting.


    While it isn't that exciting of the bonus, it can still lead to a decent win, so I don't mind it.

    * Wilds on Reels - There are wilds available on every reel... reels 1, 2, and 3 contain the 'Good Girl' wilds which are 1x and 2x pay. The wilds on reels 3, 4, and 5 for the 'Bad Girl' are anywhere from 1x to 4x pays. Very nice addition.

    My Summary: I absolutely loved this slot from start to finish. The ability to select variance is awesome, but I really love getting those Wheel of Money features. The wilds are nice too to get some extra large wins.

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