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    Scary Friends is actually quite fun. Hard to find online, but a great slot. The 3D graphics are cool and remind me A LOT of a certain Disney flick that rhymes with Bonsters Inborporated :)

    What I like about this slot:

    * Graphics - Honestly.. probably the first time I have said this, but the graphics are pretty amazing with the animation. I fairly taken by that aspect of the slot.

    * Spin the Monsters - The bonus game is more interesting than most. Essentially you spin the monsters to see what prize you get. It is somewhat like a 'Wheel of Fortune', which I have always been a big fan of... but this has a unique twist on it. You pick the monster that you think will come in 1st place... if that monster does - you get the biggest win. Otherwise you get a more minor win.

    * Free Spins - I ONLY like these free spins because the symbols themselves have high payout values. That gives you the ability to actually win something. I wish there were expanding wilds to help out, though :( Oh yeah... and I love the animation when it determines how many free spins you win... very cool.

    What I detest about this slot:

    * Speed - It is slow as molasses. And I mean slow. The reals spin slow, they need to speed this sucker up by a lot or give the users a way to do that themselves like many other games do.

    My Summary: It's a great slot for the visualization, for the bonus round, and for the amount you can win off the reel symbols. I have played this one over and over and have it in my top list of slots I return to at this point.


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